At Bell Lake, comfort is the name of the game. Our 20-foot diameter custom yurt is tucked amidst groves of mature spruce and whitebark pine trees at approximately 8,500 feet, and provides a uniquely cozy winter retreat with exceptional access to thousands of acres of backcountry ski terrain. Inside, there's plenty of space for up to eight guests to stretch out, relax, and stare at the 2,000-foot couloirs spilling from the summit of Branham Peak just outside the front door.

Designed originally as family homes for the nomadic tribes of the Mongolian steppe, yurts are remarkably sturdy, warm, and efficient--and Bell Lake Yurt is no exception. A five-foot diameter clear dome on the roof channels plenty of natural light and warmth, while a crackling woodstove and well-insulated walls and ceiling hold the heat all night long, even through subarctic cold. We call it "living in the round," and you have to experience it to fully appreciate what it means. Our yurt amenities include:

  • Six custom bunks and two trundle beds, complete with plush memory foam mattresses (eight max occupancy, six recommended for the most comfortable experience).
  • Solar-powered LED light system for after-hours enjoyment
  • Full-equipped kitchen, with restaurant-quality cookware, secure food storage, and plenty of counter space
  • Two-burner propane stove (propane supplied)
  • Large, efficient woodstove, complete with five gallon hot-water tank and spigot, cooking surface and warming tray.
  • Central table and chairs, with plenty of room to move around
  • Mountain library, with dozens of titles, games, puzzles and trivia
  • First-aid kit, rescue toboggan, and emergency SPOT transponder on site.
  • Sanitary outhouse just a few steps away
  • Year-round creek nearby and designated clean snowmelt collection area for water
  • Unbelievable views directly out the front door!

Watch our video to check out the comfortable amenities of Bell Lake Yurt!

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